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Website Content to excite and inspire!

You're ready to build your website,

but how much information should be included?

Website content should be brief and to the point. Internet surfers scan text instead of fully reading it, so you need to capture their attention quickly by offering them succinct material that is relevant to them.

The graphics/photos/banners/ads on your site need to support your content instead of overwhelming it. Although text needs to be brief, it is still the content itself that is more important than anything else on your site.

Here are some points to consider when developing a site and creating its content:

What is the purpose of the site? Is it an online brochure? Is it a selling site? Is it a credibility site?
How many pages will do your products/services justice?
Should you link your site to other sites that would provide valuable information to prospects?
As far as content goes, do you have a clear understanding of how you can reach out to those people you are trying to attract and address their needs quickly and clearly?

Writing your site content so that it appeals to your audience is crucial. Take a look at a couple of sites we have written below....


See how this website content works...

or, this one


“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”

Ken Olsen,

President, Chairman, and Founder

Digital Equipment Corp.,