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Our satisfied clients speak for us...

Mind Ignition: reigniting your enthusiasm for your business!

"Ileana is a truly innovative thought leader and designer. She encouraged me to think outside my boundaries and helped me to realize a level of creativity I never knew existed. Her tremendous capacity for creative design shines through in her finished products. I will continue to rely on Ileana as my creative designer - you should too!"

Christina Madrid, RCC, SPHR

Breakthrough HR

Carlsbad, California

[email protected]



"I had been in business for a couple of years and had been relying on my referrals and word of mouth to continue to generate business because I despise networking! But by last fall, I realized that I could no longer count on this in order to sustain my business.

My professional association was holding their annual conference and I registered for the marketing seminar. Ileana Rontea of Mind Ignition was the facilitator. She was dynamic and inspirational and reiterated everything that I already knew but needed to hear again. I contacted her immediately after the conference and we set to work to bring my business back to life.

She designed a new brochure and business card that reflects the direction that my business is taking but more importantly, she has been the push I need to get all of this done. She is extremely supportive and comfortable to work with. Thank you for taking my hand and pulling me through this process."

Shelley McAulay

Professional Organizer

Tottenham, Ontario





"I have been working with Ileana Rontea to develop my new company name, logo and marketing material. She is excellent to work with and I love what we created together. I highly recommend Ileana and her services. She is in Toronto, but we did our work 100% by phone and e-mail, so don't let distance deter you.

In addition, Ileana is connected to so many marketing and coaching networks that she has her pulse on what is going on out there. If she knows your niche and something comes across her view screen that could help you she will make sure you know about it. OR call her for a resource, she will know where to find it, or at least who to ask......as MasterCard says: Priceless."

Anita Pizycki

Professional Development Coach

St. Catharines, Ontario




"Thank you SO MUCH Ileana for your support and talent in creating a compelling advertisement in order to represent our chapter with an opportunity that came to us last minute. The impact we are to have on 5,000 attendees with this advertisement, would not have happened so smoothly, as you had been someone I knew we could count on.

From our Hearts, Thank You.

Cassandra L. Gierden
ICF-GTA Chapter, President 2003

Toronto, Ontario




"For some reason you have embarked on a business or personal venture and you have come to a point where you need to make some major decisions to progress further. The options and decisions can seem very confusing.

If you can imagine the vertical upward force that takes place when a rocket ship is ignited, that's the same way you'll feel when you go through a carefully guided cross exam of your pursuits with Ileana of Mind Ignition Associates.

That's the way I felt. I came away from Ileana's guidance with a clear path to what I have to do to further my vision of WCDA.

Somewhere within you, you have the answers to your own issue, let Ileana help you sort through your thoughts to re-ignite your passion."

Sandra Campbell


Women Can Do Anything

Toronto, Ontario





"Ileana Rontea has a profound ability to extract the vital information that allows your deepest wisdom to be expressed and clearly articulated. Combining both creativity and practicality, she is able to sculpt the ideal copy that reflects the brilliance of your soul in the most palpable form.

Ileana has a vast array of talents that enable her to work easily with new concepts, proficiently building potent structure around your ideas. Most importantly though, she is a deeply caring individual who becomes sincerely invested in her clients’ success. Ileana has been of great help to me in the last few months of our work together and I look forward to our continued collaboration."

Russell Feingold

President and Founder

The Feingold Method

Los Angeles, California



"After speaking to you I was so excited. I felt pumped and ready to go. You knew exactly what I was looking for. You were able to capture my personality from my Discovery [Sheet] and had ideas before we even got to the intake session. You are very knowledgeable and generous with your ideas and information.

I got the impression that you make all your clients feel special - that's how I felt working with you. I had your undivided attention, you follow through and follow up when you said you would. You are just so quick.

Cecile Peterkin

Career/Life Coach

Cosmic Coaching Centre

Toronto, Ontario




"Ileana has been remarkably responsive. She believes so much in what I'm about and what I do that communicating my essence is easy. I've enjoyed and benefited from working with her. She is, at once, gifted, talented and remarkably practical. My business is stronger for her work."

David. C. Facer, Jr.

Personal/Business Coach

Wellspring Personal Coaching

San Diego, California




"Ileana is incredibly creative and also a lot of fun to work with. She's deeply interested in seeing her clients succeed, and has been a great help to me in getting my stuff done."

John Webb

Lead Sherpa

Creative Freedom

Tallahassee, Florida



“I like working with Ileana because I feel that I have someone to bounce ideas around with. Understanding our business isn’t easy, but she has made a big effort to do just that so that she can help us out in the best way possible. Whenever we work on a project together, she is always coming up with new and innovative stuff. She’s not only a great writer, but she also cares about the image we have in the industry and is always creating interesting marketing ideas. I look forward to continue working with her.”

Matthew Lozecki

Business Development

CDT International Inc.

Hamilton, Ontario


“Working with Ileana over a period of time, I have come to appreciate her creativity, her writing abilities, as well as her humor, flexibility, and desire to produce outstanding work on behalf of her clients. I had originally contacted her with a number of assignments, one of which was quite urgent. She was able to deliver a quick turnaround and managed to impress me with her professional attitude, her upbeat personality and her immediate understanding of my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Candye Hinton

Personal/Business Coach

Effective Effort Coaching

Ghana, Ohio



"As I was about to take a big leap in redirecting my business, I was in need of some great promotional material.  After a quick e-mail to Ileana, her response was instant enthusiasm, which created even more excitement for me!

As a coach, I like being part of the process but it still has to be my idea.  Ileana was able to pull out all that she needed to know about my vision by coaching me through the process.  Although she had great ideas, she didn’t push them on me; she made suggestions about what she thought would be most appropriate for our project. The most unbelievable thing happened when she e-mailed me her first draft. What she had put on paper I could have never even imagined.  She captured everything I wanted and more!!  I was stunned and thrilled to see my dream take shape so quickly!! As we continue bringing this project to life, I am convinced that Ileana's vision, enthusiasm, and creativity are some of the important ingredients that what will make my program stand out as a winner for my clients. Thank you, Ileana. "

Anouschka Genttner

Personal/Career Coach

AG System

London, Ontario

"Ileana has been a great help to me over the past few months. Her analytical skills and writing talents are evident in every project she has completed for me. I have been impressed by her speed, accuracy, and dedication to excellence. I look forward to continue working with her.”

Charles M. Lennox
Lennox Millar, Partner

Executive Search Consultants

Toronto, Ontario



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“The closer one gets to the top,
the more one finds out
there is no ‘top’”.
Nancy Barcus


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