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Want to launch your small biz? Train to be an entrepreneur and complete your Business Plan in just 30 evening hours with the Up & Running Biz Launch Program.
At CoachVille, our mission is to improve the quality of coaching worldwide. Our vision is that everyone is a coach. We offer more useful tools than any other coaching association in the world. That's why CoachVille has grown to over 27,200 members in 107 countries. And I'd love for you to be a part of it.
Need tips on dating, socializing, and building better relationships? Dating & Interpersonal Skills Coach Kateryna Spiwak of Dating Essentials has the answers. Whether you need advice on meeting people, screening potential partners, navigating the modern dating process, or polishing your image for personal & professional reasons, Kateryna can help you become more confident and more effective.
Enterprise Toronto is an innovative public and private sector alliance created to provide one-stop sourcing of services and programs tailored to meet the needs of the Toronto's Entrepreneurs and small businesses.
HR in MOTION is a Human Resources consulting company based in Bolton, Ontario, successfully implementing Human Resources infrastructure both at the inception of various organizations and also at more established companies. Its mandates have included the drafting and revision of office policies and procedures; recruitment of staff; interviewing process; organization of new staff training; design of performance review processes; conflict resolution between staff members and management; and information dissemination.

HumancapitalU is about facilitating opportunities in lifelong learning, personal and professional development, and ultimately in the accomplishment of organizational goals and unprecedented success.

Mortgage Hot-Line offers quick turnaround time for shopping the market for the best possible rates for first and second mortgages. Mortgage Hot-Line also works with previous bankrupts, self-employed individuals, poor credit clients, with no cost transfers/switches.
Peer Resources has been in operation as a non-profit educational corporation since 1975 and has an unequaled record of experienced and published experts in peer, mentor, and coach systems in Canada.
PrintCountry.com sells discount original brand (OEM) Epsonink cartridges and Lexmark ink cartridges.

"A very cool and unusual album. Tsufit's "Under the Mediterranean Sky" presents beautiful songs, as well as wacky ones too, in a collection that many western ears will find both unique and enchanting. Tsufit's singing engages the listener with its beauty and emotive power."

- Jim Sigler, Producer/Host, Sounds Eclectic, KUMR, Missouri


Developed in 2000, Web Surf World was created as an alternative online information and advertising site that is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. The Web Surf World site combines entertainment with a variety of information, offering a creative and unique option for online shoppers.


 The Women's Travel Network is a Canadian company arranging trips for women only. Destinations are varied and offer a mixture of activities. Tours include a weeklong Fitness Challenge in the Caribbean, exciting and informative Weekend Retreats, 8 day European wine and culinary tours, Rejuvenation at a world-renowned Spa and Wellness Centre, Golf weekend, Horseback riding at a working cattle ranch in the Canadian Rockies.  




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"Real education should educate

us out of self into something

far finer; into a selflessness

which links us with

all humanity."
Nancy Astor


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