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Newsletter/E-zine/Article to tell the world!

You need to submit an article for a magazine that is

doing a feature on your industry – you have ideas,

but no concrete plan of action.


As most people know, writing about your industry is a great way to publicize yourself and your company. When your article appears in an established magazine, newspaper, or trade journal, it automatically places you in the role of “expert” in your field.

Another way to become known is by writing a monthly/quarterly newsletter or e-zine, and sending it out to your contact list. This reinforces your message and your credibility to your audience.

Lots of entrepreneurs have great ideas about articles to write, but either have no time to sit down and create the piece, or they are aware that writing is not their top skill.

Composing a powerful and informative article takes time, research, and a few drafts! Often there are stipulations imposed by the magazine or journal regarding the length of the piece and points that need to be covered. This activity can really cut into your valuable time and become an exercise in frustration.

Some of my clients are accomplished writers in their own right, and I have encouraged them to publish their musings because writing gives them pleasure, and they have an obvious talent for it. If that doesn’t describe you, you are probably best to have a professional help you.

Whether you have composed a rough first draft and need a skilled writer to “spice” it up, or you just have some ideas floating around in your head, give us a call to see how we can contribute to your success!

Take a look at this newsletter for Experion Group

Or how well an article can work for you!

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"It took me fifteen years to discover that I had no talent

for writing, but I couldn't

give it up because by

that time I was too famous."

Robert Benchley