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Brochure for you to shine!

You donít have a website yet, but you've started your

business and need an information package about your new venture


A brochure is a very useful marketing tool - it can be mailed to prospects, handed out at trade shows or taken with you to a sales call.

A brochure can be designed to include pertinent information about you, your company, who your clients are and most importantly, what you can do for them! Depending on your needs, brochures may also include various pricing options, specials, dated information, and sign-up options.

When thinking about creating a brochure, keep these points in mind:

Make sure you leave lots of white space. The human eye becomes fatigued if it is constantly deciphering text.
Include colour graphics or captivating pictures and a design that complements your logo, name and brand.
Having your own photo on an introductory brochure is often a good idea Ė it gives people the feeling that they are getting to know the person behind the service/product.
Make sure that your contact information is complete and easy to access. Remember that not everyone has a computer or an e-mail address, so a phone number is essential.
If you are not planning on investing in a web site for some time, consider a four-panel brochure as opposed to a tri-fold. It can hold more information, including an order form, a response form, or a sign-up form.
And remember, so much of advertising and marketing is about image - make sure you get the right one across!


Click below to see some sample brochures we have created

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Orderly Solutions

International Coaching Awareness Week

Cosmic Coaching Centre

 AG System


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