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Flyer for fame!

You are attending a conference where 100 professionals you are targeting will be gathered together in one room Ė you need a flyer that will get them to pick up that phone and call you!


What an opportunity to tell them about your special services.

Unfortunately, you know there isnít a lot of room provided for promotional materials, and you want to reach as many people in that audience as you can!

The answer is an attention-grabbing flyer with tear-off phone numbers at the bottom. You only need to print a few color copies, and replace the flyer once all the numbers are removed. What could be easier?

Just like a post card, a flyer is useful in certain situations. For example, a flyer is perfect for announcing a new workshop, a keynote speech, a special sale or a time-limited offer.

Flyers may also be designed to include coupons, order or response forms.

The content needs to be short, crisp, and to the point.
It should be visually stimulating and offer a quick solution to an urgent need you have identified in your marketplace.
It should intrigue the reader into taking your number and making that call!


"Delay not; swift the flight of fortune's greatest favours."