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Words, words, words. We all use them every day, but what are they really? They may be squiggles on a page; symbols of communication; outdated stale concepts; or fresh crisp ideas with the ability to enlighten and empower. What would you like words to do for YOU? Would you like to be partnered with a company that understands the potency of words and can use them to your best advantage?

Welcome to Mind Ignition, home of The Wordsmith. A wordsmith is an expert on words, a fluent and often professional writer - someone who has a passion and flare for writing! Mind Ignition is a professional business services provider that focuses on writing and editing, as well as Internet research, word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet maintenance and database updating. We use our knowledge and expertise in the realm of communications to make you and your organization stand out in two ways.

We can take any existing piece of writing (outdated marketing literature, unedited newsletter, old presentation, etc.), jazz it up and present you with a terrific new version! Or, from your ideas and notes, architect a sizzling report, a fascinating bio, an enthralling speech or a dynamic proposal! (Please contact us for samples of our work.)

We stand behind our name for each and every client – when you think of Mind Ignition, we want you to think of innovative ideas and dynamite projects! Our goal is to partner with clients, particularly coaches and entrepreneurs, who will invest in a long-term relationship with us, leveraging our know-how and allowing us to make a difference in their businesses.


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“Words -- so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent … they become in the hands of one who knows
how to combine them.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne
(1804 -1864)

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