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See what we can do for you.

At Mind Ignition we transform sizzling ideas

into words that burn their way

right through the page!



Mind Ignition is an “ideas company” that offers a unique solution to a common problem. Entrepreneurs are often victims of the “I’m going to just get the job done” syndrome. By trying to simply fill a perceived need in the market, they automatically enter into competition with many other similar providers, instead of immediately distinguishing themselves by what makes them unique and different!

Ileana Rontea, Chief Creative Officer, crafted Mind Ignition based on a vision that every business professional has a ‘story to tell’
in the moment, one which is based on the personal characteristics and life experience of the person “running the show”. From a business perspective, that “story” may be any number of things at a given time - a proposal to a major client, a conference presentation, a new product, a speech at a major industry event, a revamped web site, a new workshop, or a magazine article for an industry periodical, etc.


Mind Ignition encourages its clients to discover
their unique gifts, and to creatively
“tell their story in the moment”
so as to reflect that distinctiveness
in the most dynamic and engaging way.

Working directly with

the “source” of the organization
– the entrepreneur -

we release the flow of creativity
that may have been dammed!
During this process,

what begins as a trickle
often results in

a torrent of ideas and revelations.

The rest then flows naturally!


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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

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